The purchasing team at Boffer often get huge volumes of stock which we find is unsuitable to list on Boffer because the carriage costs make it prohibitive. Basically it seems most people don’t like paying postage on something that they bought for the same price as a sandwich. Not only that but we are worried as we’ve had a few staff members go missing amongst all the stock that is lying about. Either that or we accidently sent them out with someone’s bag of crap. Anyway, we thought we better make a bit of space to ensure this doesn’t happen and before the office starts looking like my flatmates bedroom!

We’ve decided to set up a dedicated micro site to sell all these products. That’s just a fancy name for a little website on the side. Our main aim is to clear this stock as quickly and as efficiently as possible. To this effect we have decided to create a dedicated micro site called The site where everything is a pound! (Does the name give it away by any chance?) We expect this site to go live in the next few days. So make sure you don’t miss out!


Lauren x